Testing Lab

Testing Lab

In our laboratory, we do carry out 05 laboratory tests.

They are;

01. Shock Absorpon Test
02. Penetraon Test
03. Test for Effecveness of Retenon System
04. Test for Strength of Retenon Systems with Chin Straps
05. Density Tesng Machine for EPS Inner Liner

Shock Absorption Test

The maximum deceleration of the headform shall not exceed 300 g when the helmet is tested by this method. Impact aenuaon is determined from the deceleration imparted to a helmeted headform when, are dropping in guided free fall, it impacts upon a fixed steel anvil having flat or hemispherical impact face.

Penetraon Test

This method describes about the striker which shall not make contact with the test block at any point on the helmet from its uppermost point down to the limit of rotaon of the helmet on the test block. A spiked striker is dropped onto the upper part of the helmet. If the spike succeeds in reaching a simulated head inside, the helmet is deemed not to comply with this Standard.

Test for Strength of Retenon Systems with Chin Straps

If the retention system relies on a chin strap, the system shall be tested by this method. A downward shock load is applied twice to the chin straps on a helmet. Dynamic and stac extensions and slippage of the strap are observed.

Test for Effectiveness of Retenon System

The helmet, selected to be of appropriate size, shall not come off the modified headform when tested by this method. The helmet, mounted firmly on an appropriate modified headform by means of its retenon system, is subjected to a tangenal shock load in a forward direction, at the crown of the helmet, which simulates the ineral tendency of the helmet to li and roll forward over the wearer’s face when the wearer stops suddenly.

Density Tesng Machine for EPS Inner Liner

This method can be used to measure the density of the EPS Inner Liner. The weight of the Styrofoam should be interested to the machine at the beginning. Downward pressure is used to push the Styrofoam inside water and the tesng machine is doing the density calculation.