M.J. Upali Perera

(Managing Director)

It’s my immense pleasure to introduce myself M. J. Upali Perera, the owner of Upali Perera & Company which known as U.P.CO. We are one of the most experienced helmet manufacturers in the motor-cycle spare parts industry earning a history of more than 30 years and by being one of the pioneers to receive SLS standard in Sri Lanka. Our sole aim is to provide our products with superior quality materials and to ensure the safety of our riders/customers. Ultimately safety of the helmets our based on the SLS standard specification and nevertheless we are proud to say that our product range has fulfilled all the SLS standards criteria’s.

Years of dedication and contribution to the helmet industry, made us to reach to this high-level popularity among our customers. The management and our skilled workforce have contributed their utmost by bringing this organization to our current position. Also, we have expanded our business under customer’s requirements by launching various new designs by the brand name of U.P.2. Both our companies hold leading productivity levels due to their specialty in unique designs which applies with the present generation preferences. Our task is to analyze the present trends by adopting the changes thus maintaining the quality of our products is the key to our success.

I am proud to say that we have succeeded in producing excellent quality helmets since our products are concerned with the factor of human existence. We ensure that our products will never fail to protect and delight our customers in every possible manner. That is the reason we’ve earned such a high amount of demand level and dignity for our brand name earning the greatest amount of customer confidence.

Our Achievements


Rajatha Award
Techno Award
SLS Certification